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Effect of Aggregate Gradation Variation on the Marshall Mix

essential mix design properties of bituminous mix. In the study, optimum bitumen content is produced for different 6 gradations. 5 gradations were taken between the limits and one above the limits. Optimum Bitumen Content increases from coarser to finer gradation. Considering


B0 = optimum Bitumen content. B1 = % asphalt content at maximum unit weight. B2 = % asphalt content at maximum stability. B3 = % asphalt content at specified percent air voids in the total mix. 11.9 EVALUATION AND ADJUSTMENT OF MIX DESIGN The overall objectiveof the mix design is to determine an optimum blend of different

Types of Bitumen Mixes for Pavements -Applications in Road

The advantages of stone matrix asphalt mix are: Surface Frictional Resistance are improved; The noise is reduced; Compared to the conventional dense graded asphalt mix, the night visibility is reduced. The following steps are involved in the stone matrix asphalt mix design: The selection of the materials i.e. aggregates, binder and the ...

How to calculate optimal bitumen content in asphalt mixture?

Marshall method is used to calculate the optimum asphalt content. By prepare different percentage of bitumen as (4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5).You must measure the Stability and Flow by Marshall device...

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The objective of Mix Design Method is to determine the amount of various sizes of mineral aggregates to use to get a mix of maximum density or, determines the optimum bitumen content. Two (02) types of mix design are used in the


The major parameter in design of hot mix asphalt (HMA) widely used in flexible pavements as base course and surfacing course all over the world, is to find out the optimum bitumen content (OBC) required in achieving the desired objective. Bitumen is a costly

Marshall Mix Design: Lab Report

Dec 30, 2016 · Marshall Mix Design: Lab Report 1. CEL 782: PAVEMENT MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES LABORATORY RECORDS Submission Date: 19/10/20131 Asphalt Concrete Mixture Design Submitted By: Group 1 2013CEZ8070 PRIYANSH SINGH 2013CEP2073 AAYUSH KUMAR 2013CEP2074 ANJANEYULU CHINTHIREDDY 2013CEP2080 LEEZA MALIK 2013CEP2083 MUNESH KUMAR MEENA 2013CEP2778 YOHANNES LEGESSEDADI 2013CEP2086 SAUBHAGYA DIXIT ...


10.4 Prepare a “butter batch mix” at the design optimum asphalt content and discard before mixing any other samples for determining correction factors. Note 14—A “butter batch mix” is a trial batch of asphalt and aggregate design mixture used to coat the

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A Review of Aggregate and Asphalt Mixture Specific Gravity

design, testing, construction andquality control. Office of Pavement Technology FHWA‐HIF‐11‐033 December 2010. A REVIEW OF AGGREGATEAND ASPHALT. MIXTURE SPECIFIC GRAVITY MEASUREMENTSAND THEIR IMPACTS ONASPHALT MIX DESIGN PROPERTIES AND MIX ACCEPTANCE. This Technical Brief provides an overview of the impacts of

Mix Design Considerations of Foamed Bitumen Mixtures with

2 Unlike for HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt), there is no universally accepted mix design method for FBMs. 3 Most of the agencies [1, 2] which use FBMs have their own mix design procedures which are the 4 result of numerous efforts over decades [3-9]. In spite of all these efforts, foamed bitumen application

HMA Mix Design Fundamentals

HMA Mix Design Fundamentals HMA consists of two basic ingredients: aggregate and asphalt binder . HMA mix design is the process of determining what aggregate to use, what asphalt binder to use and what the optimum combination of these two ingredients ought to be.

Marshall Mix Design

The Marshall mix design method consists of 6 basic steps: Aggregate selection. Bitumen binder selection. Sample preparation (including compaction). Stability determination. Density and voids calculations. Optimum bitumen binder content selection.

Bituminous Mix Design for Pavement - Types, Materials and

A pre-planned bituminous mix design for pavement construction helps in producing a mix that is workable, durable, strong, and economical in nature. One of the widespread use of bitumen is in the pavement design and construction. There are mainly two stages of mix design in bringing a bituminous pavement: Dry Mix Design Wet Mix Design […]


mix design of the conventional bitumen and polymer mixed bituminous mixtures were conducted using the Marshall mix-design procedures. At the optimum polymer content, the strengths of the polymer modified mixtures were approximately 1.45 times higher than the mixtures made with bitumen binder subjected to the same processing conditions. Further,


Secondly, prepared samples for Marshall Mix design and determine the Optimum bitumen content for mix using VG-30. After determining the OBC prepare sample at 110°C, 120°C, 130°C temperature and different dose of Rediset like 1.5%, 2.0%, and 2.5%. Based on this the Optimum Temperature and Optimum Dose of Rediset has been

Table 6-7. Selection of Optimum Asphalt Content

asphalt content equal to the optimum asphalt content determined by the tests. Because all of the volatiles do not evaporate, the amount of bitumen to be added as determined by this mix design

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4 Mix Design Inspection The Marshall mixture ratio design of asphalt mixture was carried out by using the volume design method of the test piece of Marshall, and the stability and flow value of the test were not the only index to

Draindown Analysis of Bituminous Mix Modified with Natural Fibre

modified mix were tested to get reviewed OBC and Optimum Fibre Content (OFC). Maximum stability value obtained for control mix is 11.575KN from bitumen content 6.21%, which is fixed as OBC. TABLE I: SMA REQUIREMENTS Mix Design Parameters Requirement Air void Content 4 % Bitumen Content 5.8 % min VMA 17 % min Drain down 0.3 %

What is Marshall Mix Design for Bituminous Materials?

The Marshall Mix Design method was originally developed by Bruce Marshall of the Mississippi Highway Department in 1939. The main idea of the Marshall Mix Design method involves the selection of the asphalt binder content with a suitable density which satisfies minimum stability and range of flow values.

Mix designing of asphalt concrete with Iterlene IN/400 and

Conventional Marshall method of design was followed to obtain optimum bitumen content and the Job Mix Formula with and without the additives. Project specification was followed and the procedure in accordance with MS-2 of American Asphalt Institute. Fig.1 through

Foamed-Asphalt Paving Mixtures: Preparation of Design Mixes

Foamed-Asphalt Paving Mixtures: Preparation of Design Mixes and Treatment of Test Specimens P.J. RUCKEL, S.M. ACOTT, AND R.H. BOWERING Foamed-asphalt paving mixtures are evaluated under a variety of testing proce· du res for design of field projects in different areas of the United States and in other countries.


Asphalt Mix Design 4 Australian Asphalt Pavement Association – 2012 For dense mixes, the range of air voids in service should be between 2% and 7%. Below about 2% mixes can become unstable due to the lubricating effect of bitumen almost totally occupying the space between the aggregate particles.

What is the optimum binder content in bituminous pavement?

optimum bituman content is that % age of bituman in asphalt mix design at which marshal stability is max

Conventional Asphalt Mix Design

CONVENTIONAL ASPHALT MIX DESIGN. Asphaltic Concrete Asphaltic concrete is a mixture of ... optimum quantity of bitumen results in a mix with very high stability.


SANS 3001-BSM2:201X Edition 1 5 4.8 Litmus paper. 5 Principles The mix design procedure requires step-wise and iterative ITS testing to select the most effective active filler and the optimum amount of stabilizing agent. At various

Determination of the optimum binder content of warm mix

In a typical mix design method, the optimum binder content of a particular asphalt mixture and binder types, is determined from the relationships between mixture volumetric and strength properties with variations in binder contents.

Chapter 2 Design and Control of Bituminous Mixtures Using a

The design of bituminous mixture by the Department’s Modified Marshall Method involves the proportioning of the aggregates and asphalt to produce a mix that will have the optimum qualities and properties. The purpose is to develop a design, by trial means, which will

Asphalt Pavement Thickness and Mix Design

Mix temperature is dependent on the grade of asphalt used in the mix. Less viscous the asphalt requires lower the temperatures, while more viscous asphalt requires higher temperatures.At the start of a mix design project, target temperatures are specified for proper mixing and compaction.

Comparative Study on Design of Bituminous Mixes

To study about the Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) technology as a renewable resource. 2. To study Mix design approach for hot recycled RAP. 3. Extraction of bitumen from RAP materials is done using centrifugeto be4.

A Review Paper on Bituminous Concrete Mixed Design For Road

Bitumen binder acts as an adhesive agent that binds aggregate particles into a cohesive mass. One thing is of major considerations in this regard –pavement design. Our project emphasizes on the mix design consideration to find out the optimum binder content. In this design we have studied Marshall Stability test method.


The major parameter in design of hot mix asphalt (HMA) widely used in flexible pavements as base course and surfacing course all over the world, is to find out the optimum bitumen content (OBC) required in achieving the desired

Marshall Mix Design | Density and Voids Analysis | Lec-9 Part

Apr 08, 2017 · This Lecture includes following Topics - Phase diagram of Bituminous Mix Total volume of Binder Total volume of Voids in specimen Voids filled with Bitumen, VFB Volume of Mineral Aggregates, VMA ...

Marshall parameters for quality control of hot mix asphalt

Asphalt bitumen has to have a 60 to 70 mm/100 penetration. Additionally, the bitumen viscosity - temperature curve was generated in order to determine the optimal temperatures, for both, mixing and placing. According to the standard, the bitumen content must be ±0.3% from the mix design optimum value.

Properties Considered in Mix Design Superpave Mix Design Method

Voids filled with asphalt (VFA) are the void spaces that exist between the aggregate particles in the compacted paving HMA that are filled with binder. VFA is expressed as a percentage of the VMA that contains binder. Including the VFA requirement in a mix design helps prevent the design of HMA with marginally acceptable VMA.

Hot bituminous mix design

Oct 05, 2016 · Hot bituminous mix design 1. for Hot Bituminous Mix By Priyansh Singh Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Mix Design 2. Introduction • Asphalt Mix design is first traced in 1860s, using Tar as binder in Washington, D.C. • Richardson used ‘Pat Test’ for optimum test to determine optimum mix design.