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Gold mining in Montagne d'Or, Guyane (France)

The Montagne d'Or mine is one of the largest open cast gold mine projects in the French Guiana and in the world. There is a strong dispute on this project, with President Macron in favour of it. NO to huge industrial gold mining project in French Amazon. [2].


Himalayas - Himalayas - Plant life: Himalayan vegetation can be broadly classified into four types—tropical, subtropical, temperate, and alpine—each of which prevails in a zone determined mainly by elevation and precipitation. Local differences in relief and climate, as well as exposure to sunlight and wind, cause considerable variation in the species present within each zone. Tropical ...

(PDF) The Biodiversity of the Albertine Rift

The Albertine Rift is one of the most important regions for conservation in Africa. It contains more vertebrate species than any other region on the continent and contains more endemic species of ...

Chorological and conservation status of the endemic cypress

Chorological and conservation status of the endemic cypress, Cupressus atlantica Gaussen... 5 titudes over 3600 and 2400 m, respectively. Even to the S, the peaks reach beyond 2700 m. The only two lower reaches are the Tizi-n-Test pass (2092 m) to the South

Rare and Endemic Plants in the Southern Mountain Ecosystems

Rare and Endemic Plants in the Southern Mountain Ecosystems of Albania, their Threats and Diversity ERMELINDA MAHMUTAJ 1* , LULZIM SHUKA 2 , MURAT XHULAJ 2 , PETRIT HODA 1 , MERSIN MERSINLLARI 2 .

Mountains of Southwest China

Of these, about 3,500 species (29 percent) and at least 20 genera are endemic, including about 100 endemic ferns and 20 endemic gymnosperms. Several ancient plant species found nowhere else in the world, including representatives from the genera Rhododendron, Rhodiola, Kingdonia and Circaeaster. More than a quarter of the world's rhododendron ...

What are some examples of endemic species of plants?

Here are some examples of endemic plants in Indonesia: * Aglaia Ceramica is a species of plant in the Meliaceae family. It is a tree endemic to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia.

Conservation assessment of the endemic plants from Kosovo in

Sixteen endemic plant taxa were selected from Kosovo, according to the IUCN standards and for each taxon the risk assessment and threat category has been assigned. The taxa were compared with their previous status from fifteen years ago.

The World's 17 Megadiverse Countries

Jul 25, 2018 · There are 612 species of birds of which, 194 are endemic. In addition, 111 amphibian species and 270 reptile species live here. Interestingly, not one plant family is endemic to the island though there is a wide variety of more than 9,250 vernacular plants (33% of which are endemic).

Cannabis Systematics at the Levels of Family, Genus, and

10/1/2018 · New concepts are reviewed in Cannabis systematics, including phylogenetics and nomenclature. The family Cannabaceae now includes Cannabis, Humulus, and eight genera formerly in the Celtidaceae.Grouping Cannabis, Humulus, and Celtis actually goes back 250 years. Print fossil of the extinct genus Dorofeevia (=Humularia) reveals that Cannabis lost a sibling perhaps 20 million years …

Nunatak survival vs. tabula rasa in the Central Pyrenees

Nunatak survival vs. tabula rasa in the Central Pyrenees: A study on the endemic plant species Borderea pyrenaica (Dioscoreaceae) Article in Journal of Biogeography 34(11) · November 2007 with 23 ...

Distribution Patterns of some Greek Mountain Endemic Plants

FLORA Distribution Patterns of some Greek Mountain Endemic Plants in Relation to Geological Substrate K. Papanicolaou, D. Babalonas, S. Kokkini, Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Systematic Botany and Phytogeography, University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Systematic Botany and Phytogeography, University of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece Summary In ...

The endemic flora of

invertebrates) and endemic plants on the Peninsula, and this is especially true on Table Mountain itself. Concentrations of endemic plants occur on the few remaining examples of sand plain fynbos within the Peninsula, notably within the conservation area at Kenilworth Racecourse and at Zandvlei and Rondevlei Reserves (the

Phylogeography of Primula allionii (Primulaceae), a narrow

Abstract. Primula allionii is endemic to a tiny area of the Maritime Alps and has one of the narrowest distribution ranges in this hotspot of biodiversity. Phylogeographical patterns in P. allionii were studied using plastid DNA markers and dominantly inherited markers (AFLP and ISSR) to verify any admixture between P. allionii and the sympatric P. marginata and to detect the phylogeographical ...

Nimba Range

The Nimba Range is a part of a distinct freshwater ecoregion with a high portion of endemic aquatic species. Terrestrial. The plant communities vary with altitude and cardinal orientation. The Guinean montane forests ecoregion covers the portion of the range above 600 meters elevation. Major plant communities in the ecoregion include montane ...

446 rare species of plants, animals found on Mt. Tapulao

Jul 12, 2013 · Mt. Tapulao also harbors 14 plant species found in the DENR list of threatened species, with one timber species, Tristaniopsis decorticata, considered as critically endangered. The mountain covers more than 17,000 hectares of forest stratified into four vegetation types that include lowland, montane, pine and mossy forests.

The Hitchhiker’s guide to island endemism: biodiversity and

The Hitchhiker’s guide to island endemism: biodiversity and endemic perennial plant species in roadside and surrounding vegetation Severin D. H. Irl • Manuel J. Steinbauer • Lilith Epperlein • David E. V. Harter • Anke Jentsch • Susanne Pa¨tz • Christian Wohlfart • Carl Beierkuhnlein

Rare Plants and Alpine Vegetation of the La Sal Mountains

The area represents alpine herb communities, glacial features, and high mountain landforms. Outside of the Uinta Mountains, there is limited RNA representation of true alpine communities in Utah. The La Sal Mountains’ alpine communities also support several endemic and unique plant species.

Mobilizing occurrence data of alien and endemic plant species

The Himalayan mountain regions feature a high number of endemic plant species in Nepal such as the Annapurna Conservation Area. Photo (entitled "Snow and the flowers") by Nameless_One licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Colorado Plants

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Discovered via Pinterest User Longsight Nursery and Landscaping Centaurea montana (perennial cornflower,[1] mountain cornflower, bachelor’s button, montane knapweed or mountain bluet) is a species of Centaurea endemic to Europe. It is widespread and common in the more southerly mountain ranges of Europe, but is rarer …

Biodiversity and conservation of forest species in the

Biodiversity and conservation of forest species in the Mediterranean basin. P. Quézel, F. Médail, R. Loisel and M. Barbero. Pierre Quézel, Frédéric Médail, Roger Loisel. and Marcel Barbero are with the Mediterranean Institute of Ecology and Palaeoecology in Marseilles, France.. An evaluation of the biological diversity of Mediterranean forests and the challenges to be faced in ensuring ...

Mountain Biodiversity and global change

is richer in plant species than might be expected from the size of its area (Körner 2004). Based on total mountain land area only, a conservative estimate of the world’s mountain plant species is 50 000 species of flowering plants (out of a total of ca. 260 000). Given the inclusion of tropical

Assessing the Long-Term Dynamics of Endemic Plants at Summit

Körner C (1999) Alpine plant life - functional plant ecology of high mountain ecosystems. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York CrossRef Google Scholar Merxmüller H (1952) Untersuchungen zur Sippengliederung und Arealbildung in den Alpen, Teil I. Jahrb Ver Schutze Alpenpflanzen Tiere 17:96–133.

Le Lac Baikal

The basin supports a variety of plant and animal species, a number being endemic; the most notable of which is the Baikal seal, a uniquely freshwater species. The great variety of plants in the basin is determined by its climatic asymmetry: the western part is occupied by light coniferous forests and mountain steppes;

Rhizospheric Bacterial Community of Endemic Rhododendron

Information on rhizosphere microbiome of endemic plants from high mountain ecosystems against those of cultivated plantations is inadequate. Comparative bacterial profiles of endemic medicinal plant Rhododendron arboreum Sm. subsp. delavayi rhizosphere pertaining to four altitudinal zonation Pankang Thang (PTSO), Nagula, Y-junction and Bum La (Indo-China border; in triplicates each) along cold ...

Genome size and ploidy levels in highly

11/30/2012 · Mediterranean junipers are of special ecological importance as key components of resource islands in semi-arid mountain ecosystems of the Mediterranean basin. The fragmentation of their habitat, which was primarily natural and driven by climatic drought conditions, is currently being aggravated by anthropogenic pressure. In the framework of this concern, the present work aims to …

Endemic Plants of the Altai Mountain Country

The first detailed and comprehensive account of the 288 endemic and subendemic plants of the Altai Mountain range, over 30 of which were found and named by the authors Illustrated profiles of 100 of the endemic plants, with detailed information on taxonomy, key identification features, flowering times, distribution, habitat preferences ...

Animals and Plants Unique to Sao Tome and Principe

Butterflies exclusive to Sao Tome and Principe include Papilio nerminae (fig. 18 at SEA pdf file), Coeliades bocagei (p. 5 of SEA pdf file), Charaxes lemosi , Acraea niobe (iNaturalist), Neptis larseni (fig. 80 at SEA pdf file), Leptotes pyrczi and Leptotes sanctithomae (both on p. 13 of Michel Libert pdf file), and Dixeia piscicollis .

Endemic and Near-Endemic Plants

North Carolina Endemic and Near-endemic Plants. by Mickey Jo Sorrell, 2014. North Carolina’s endemic plants do not grow in the wild anywhere else on Earth, and the near-endemic plants grow in the wild only in North Carolina and in a nearby area– perhaps South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, or Georgia.

Endemic | Definition of Endemic by Lexico

‘Malaria was endemic and contributed considerably to the degree of anaemia observed.’ ‘Malaria is endemic and is a cause of premature death.’ ‘Of course, it is not the only country to suffer from endemic corruption.’ ‘Diseases endemic in Europe, such as typhoid and influenza, became major causes of morbidity and death.’

The Endemic Wild Aniamls and Birds of Nilgiri Mountains

The Nilgiri hills or blue Mountains are sub range of Western Ghats mountain chain with 24 mountain peaks above 2,000 metres. Blue Mountains are the little known beauty in India and famous for its number of tourist attractions and places such as Nilgiri Mountain Railway, along with amazing flora and fauna.

10 Endemic Canary Islands Plants

Spartocytisus supranubius is a high mountain species, occurring at about 2000 metres altitude on mountain tops on La Palma and on Tenerife in the Teide National Park. 3. Flor de mayo leñosa (Pericallis hadrosoma) The plant Pericallis hadrosoma, locally known as Flor de mayo leñosa is endemic to Gran Canaria. This species is found within ...

Vegetation and Flora

Towards the higher end of the sub-alpine zone the stunted trees give way to herbaceous plants and grassy meadow-like vegetation dominated by potentillas, buttercups, eyebrights and gentians. In some parts of the mountain, mosses, sedges, orchids and grasses take over the landscape which looks similar to the meadows commonly in temperate lands.

Ecological characteristics and rarity of endemic plants

The analysis and comparison of endemic plants in southeast France (215 taxa representing 7.2% of the flora) and in Corsica (240 taxa, 11% of the flora) exhibit similar ecological preferences and life strategies (sensu Grime).Both show a clear altitudinal zonation, a predominance of stress-tolerant taxa and an ability to colonize harsh habitats (with low competition and disturbance).

Conservation Priorities in a Biodiversity Hotspot

New Caledonia is a global biodiversity hotspot facing extreme environmental degradation. Given the urgent need for conservation prioritisation, we have made a first-pass quantitative assessment of the distribution of Narrow Endemic Species (NES) in the flora to identify species and sites that are potentially important for conservation action.

endemic plants - Endemics Species of Mexico

The variations of vanilla bean plants yield different aromas and flavors and require special care to thrive properly. The vanilla bean plant is native to Mexico and was discovered by Hernan Cortes, a Spanish explorer who brought the plant back to Europe. Centuries ago, the Aztecs used vanilla as flavoring for a chocolate drink called xocolatl.