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requirements when ordering concrete. Australian Standard AS 1379, Specification and supply of concrete, sets out minimum requirements for concrete specification. Concrete is specified to be either ‘normal class’ or ‘special class’. The ‘class’ of concrete and all other requirements of the

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2 days ago · Xypex Concrete Admixtures are powdered form products, consisting of Portland cement and active proprietary chemicals, which are added to the concrete mix at the time of batching. Research studies have confirmed that the Xypex Admix C-Series modifies the microstructure of the concrete and enhance the durability performance of the concrete by blocking the pores and healing the cracks up to …

AS 3600-2009 | Concrete Building Structures & Members

ExclusionsThe requirements of this Standard shall not take precedence over design requirements and material specifications set out in other Australian Standards that deal with specific types of structures, such as concrete residential slabs and footings, and swimming pools.

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Westside MiniMix is your local independent Australian family owned and operated mini concrete truck delivery company based in the western suburbs of Brisbane. With our humble fleet of two mini concrete trucks, we deliver high quality standard concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate and quarry products to Brisbane West, Ipswich Logan and ...


We produce a full range of concrete mixes all complying with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS1379 and all our mix designs are third party tested regularly to ensure the integrity and quality of our product.

The requirements of AS 2758.1

Concrete aggregates – The requirements of AS 2758.1 - 2009 Australian Standards are prepared by committees of industry representatives who contribute their expert knowledge to ensure the information contained in a Standard reflects the best technical, scientific and system knowledge available.

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Mass concrete is defined by the American Concrete Institute as: “any volume of concrete in which a combination of dimensions of the member being cast, the boundary conditions, the characteristics of the concrete mixture, and the ambient conditions can lead to undesirable thermal stresses, cracking, deleterious chemical reactions, or reduction ...

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Standards Australia outlined the reasons for collapsing the previous Sub-Committee (SC) and proposed a solution to form a new technical committee (TC) that will focus on Australian Standards for concrete placing equipment. The forum included a presentation by the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia.

Concrete moisture meter to meet Australian standard

You used to be able to just use a non-destructive moisture meter to determine whether the concrete is dry enough to accept a floor covering. However, since the Australian standards have changed you are unsure of what equipment you will need to meet the requirements of AS 1884-2012.

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Our standard concrete is watertight, dense, weather resistant and temperature resistant. We provide 20 MPa, 25MPa, 32MPa and 40MPa with a standard aggregate of 20mm. Our Everyday Concrete adheres to Australian Quality Standard AS:1379 – Specification and Supply of Concrete requirements.


Australian Builders Concrete Mix can be treated as a common waste for disposal or dumped into a landfill site in accordance with local authority guidelines. …

September 1, 2003 CONCRETE MANUAL 5-694.300 MIX DESIGN 5

2008-05-05 · September 1, 2003 CONCRETE MANUAL 5-694.312 (2) coarse and fine material which are 1/10 the maximum size, is determined graphically by plotting the sieve analysis on the semi-logarithmic chart. See Figure A 5-694.312. Because air-entrained concrete is more workable than standard concrete and because the entrained

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Concrete products designed to be sprayed on sloping, overhead and vertical surfaces. Time Management A range of concrete additives and mixes designed to help you better manage construction time.

Standards - Concrete Institute of Australia

The Institute’s Standards Committee is responsible for the identification of relevant issues and the development of the Institute’s policies, in relation to Australian Standards. The primary objective of the Committee is to ensure that the Institute’s Members have an opportunity to be heard and represented in the development of Australian Standards.


a. Concrete in general shall consist of a mixture of cement, water, and coarse and fine aggregate. Where specified on the Drawings, blended cement as defined in Clause 820.07 (paragraph 1) shall be used. b. Water/cement ratio is the ratio by mass of the total water content of the mix available for hydration to the total cement in the mix.

What is the Allowed Time for the Concrete Discharge?

Dec 08, 2017 · Well in my experience as a QA/QC engineer I have read several standard on of the most like standard is Australian standard of opc concrete expiring indicates if the temprature of concrete is between 32c -35c then the elapsing time will be 45minute only.and if it is 32c then it will me 90minute and if it is between 28c -23c then it will be 2.5 hours.I have furthur ...

Design of Normal Concrete Mixtures Using Workability-Dispersion-Cohesion Method

The workability-dispersion-cohesion method is a new proposed method for the design of normal concrete mixes. The method uses special coefficients called workability-dispersion and workability-cohesion factors. These coefficients relate workability to mobility and stability of the concrete mix. The coefficients are obtained from special charts depending on mix requirements and aggregate ...


SECTION 15 MAJOR CONCRETE WORKS Standard Specification for Urban Infrastructure Works 15-6 Edition 1, Revision 0 / September 2002 Formwork shall be provided to produce hardened concrete to the lines, levels and shapes shown on the drawings or specified elsewhere.

Maximum Allowable Time From Initial Batching to Placement

Question: I am involved with a large urban concrete project where concrete delivery is sometimes delayed by traffic congestion. The specification requires concrete placement within 90 minutes of batching at the plant. What is the significance of this 90-minute specification and …

Concrete Mix Design Procedure and Example IS456

Concrete mix design is the process of finding the proportions of concrete mix in terms of ratios of cement, sand and coarse aggregates. For e.g., a concrete mix of proportions 1:2:4 means that cement, fine and coarse aggregate are in the ratio 1:2:4 or the mix contains one part of cement, two parts of fine aggregate and four parts of coarse aggregate.

Quality of Water for Making Concrete: A Review of Literature

6) ASTM 1602M-06[10]Standard test method for mixing water used in the production of hydraulic cement concrete. 7) EN 1008-2002(E)[11]Mixing water for concrete – Specification for sampling, testing and assessing the suitability of water, including water recovered from processes in the concrete industry, as mixing water for concrete.

Concrete Pipe Facts

The compressive strength of concrete pipe made to Australian and New Zealand Standards is usually in the range of up to 60 MPa and above. The strength of the pipe is dependent on the materials used in the concrete mix, such as aggregates, cementitious material, and additives.

Concrete Mix Attributes, Instructions and Slumps

Mar 19, 2019 · A concrete mix is like a chef’s good recipe. Concrete is composed of aggregates, Portland cement, water, and any other cementitious material or chemical admixture.Some concrete mixes will have entrapped air by using admixture or air-entraining cement.

CPCCCO3033A Slump test concrete

CPCCCO3033A Slump test concrete Modification History Not Applicable Unit Descriptor Unit descriptor This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to conduct a slump test to concrete to ensure the mix is workable and complies with the delivery docket and specified order. The unit includes sampling and slump testing to a set range

Performance Specifications for Durable Concrete

Concrete international Australian provisions Within AS 1379, “Specification and Supply of Concrete,”6,7 two grades of concrete (normal and special grade) are defined. Normal grade concrete is specified primarily by compressive strength and can be produced by plants throughout Australia. Limiting values are given for

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2013-02-28 · used as a standard specimen to measure the concrete compressive strength. The mix proportions of this commercial concrete are given in Table 2. Strength gain with age Figure 1 shows the development of compressive strength with age for the high—strength concrete. The strengths were measured at 8, 14, 28, 39, 56, and 88 days after casting.

Concrete Compressive Strength - an overview

Concrete compressive strength does not depend on the full hydration of its cement particles but essentially on their closeness. 10,11 In a concrete having a water/cement ratio lower than 0.42, hydration stops when there is no more water to hydrate the cement particles. Below this critical value of 0.42, very fine cement particles can be fully hydrated but only the surface of the coarsest ones ...

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Concrete mini-mix - Ferntree Gully and Surrounding suburbs. Ferntree Mini-Mix offers high quality pre-mixed concrete in quantities from 0.2m3 upwards. From 20mpa-to-40mpa, our concrete is made from quality assured sand and rock from the best quarries in Melbourne.

Recommended PRactice Shotcreting in Australia

of cast concrete structures than any other type of structure. In the absence of an Australian Standard on shotcrete the chapter within this guide on Design Considerations has been organised in a broadly-similar manner to AS 3600 Concrete structures, to facilitate a complementary approach to structural design. Preface


2017-11-21 · 1.1. Concrete Composition Assessment In Accordance With NE 012-2007 The concrete composition established contains the next programme steps: Programme step I: The preliminary dosages establishing a) The preliminary dosage of water W' is obtained from table 2 according to concrete class, consistency, maximum granule size and

Standards for Bollard Construction

The only time I have trouble with this method is when using a concrete mix with large aggregate. You need to make sure you have some fines over the rock when you do the initial shaping.-Ron Mischnick, Walter Mischnick Contractors & Builders Inc., Alliance, Neb. We get very good results finishing the tops of concrete bollards.